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Log in 1Password in Station

⚠️ You'll need a 1password.com account.

Retrieve 1Password credentials

On Mac: 

  1. Open and unlock 1Password.

  2. Choose 1Password > Preferences.

  3. Click the Accounts icon, then select your account.

  4. Retrieve your Sign-in Address, email address and Secret Key

On Windows:

  1. Open and unlock 1Password.

  2. Choose Accounts and select your account.

  3. Retrieve your Sign-in Address, email address and Secret Key

Connect Station to 1Password

  1. Open Station

  2. Open Team App: the bottom left icon in Station's dock

  3. In the 1Password section click Connect

  4. Input your info and click Login: Sign-in address, Email address, Secret Key, Master Password (the one used to unlock 1Password)

Use credentials from 1Password in Station

To use 1Password in Station, you need to link a Station application with credentials stored in 1Password. Next time you open this application, it'll be logged-in automatically.

  1. Install a Station application as usual

  2. On the application login form, a banner appears at the bottom of the window: click on "Connect 1Password"

  3. Select credentials based on the application name. You can also search trough all your vaults.

  4. Select the desired login, we will retrieve it from you vault for auto fill the login form and store the link between the application and the login identifier in your vault.

Vault unlocking

For security reasons, 1Password sessions expires after 30 minutes.
You might be prompted to re-enter your master password to unlock the vault.

  1. Go to the desired application subdock

  2. Click on the settings button

  3. Click on "Unlink from 1Password"

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