Is Station storing sensitive information on my computer or in the servers?

No, we don't store on our servers nor your machine your master password or your credentials configuration. We delegate the authentication to 1Password Command Line Interface tool.

How do you get the credentials data from 1Password?

We rely on the 1Password Command Line Interface (CLI) Β to retrieve the credentials from 1Password. This is executed in isolated runtime process on your machine.

How you handle authentication? Why sometimes I need to fill my master password?

1Password CLI is session based authentication (30min), you will need to fill your master password to renew the session.

Unlike a traditional browser, we a have a notion of link between a set of credentials and a Station app: it allows automatic and transparent login for the user.
However, the credentials stay stored in 1Password, we only store a reference to them (and identifier) and fetch them just before filling out the login form.

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