The Unified Search feature is the easiest way to access your pages in Station: hit Cmd / Ctrl + T (or click on the magnifying glass icon in the top left corner), type a few letters and that's it!

In addition to looking through all your opened pages and apps, we've deeply integrated some of the most used web-apps to the Unified Search. This allows us to retrieve docs you didn't even open in the 1st place!

The currently deeply integrated apps are:

  • Google Drive → Access any of your spreadsheets, docs or slides.

  • Slack → Open a specific conversation or channel.

  • Notion → Access any of your notes, tables or kanbans.

  • ... more to come!

Some of those integrations (Slack, and Notion) are automatically activated once you add the app to your Station, while others (Google Drive) need specific authorisations that you can give or revoke in the preferences panel (accessible via the Station > Preferences top bar menu).

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