In recent years there's been an explosion of web-apps that led most of our work to shift from desktop software to online services. What previously existed in the physical world (the phone, calendar, rolodex, …) or as a desktop app (Photoshop, Office, iTunes, …) is now mainly accessed through a website. 

Classic web browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari are fantastic tools but they were not designed to become the central way we do pretty much anything. Think of it: the only reason you have so many tabs is because you're shopping, scheduling, invoicing, monitoring, calling, texting, reading, watching, listening, writing and sharing stuff in the same interface.

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Station, because it was designed from scratch with focus & efficiency in mind, does 4 things better:

  1. Get rid of your tabs
    All your work tools are neatly organized to avoid ending up with 20+ tabs stacking up on top of each other. Station was designed to keep even the messiest users organized throughout their workday.

  2. Work faster
    Since Station doesn't accumulate unnecessary tabs it also means that it runs faster than a classic browser. Only the apps you really need are loaded when you launch Station and it makes sure to save your memory to avoid slow down or crashes

  3. Stay focused
    Station only offers work applications, therefore, it's impossible to be distracted by non-work related topics inside the app. It's your ultimate medium of focus.

  4. Quickly find the content you need
    Thanks to features like quick-switch or bookmarking, you can easily organize your most important pages and find them in the blink of an eye.

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