First try to update your Station and restart your computer: most of the issues are due to an outdated Station or a computer that hasn't been restarted for a long time.

If the bug still occurs, sorry for that 🙏
For us to reproduce & solve it, 4 files are needed.

  1. A description of your bug

  2. A screenshot of your activity monitor/task manager while Station’s running

  3. Your Station logs

  4. Your Station database

We really can't investigate further if one of those 4 are missing: they're importance is crucial. Once you're done, just:

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- - - -

I. Bug description & screenshots

  1. Trigger

  2. Brief description of the issue

  3. Explanatory gifs/pictures (CloudApp & Droplr are awesome free tools for that)

  4. OS version

  5. Station version

- - - -

II. Dev tool console

  1. Click on "View" in the upper menu

  2. "Developer"

  3. Click on "Toggle Page Developer Tools"

  4. Click on "Console"

  5. Take a screenshot of your console (the errors in red are what interest us most)

- - - -

III. Process manager screenshot (while Station’s running)

  1. Open Station

  2. Search for "Activity Monitor" or "TaskManager" & open it

  3. Click on the "CPU" column to sort it by decreasing value

  4. Take a screenshot of the table

- - - -

IV. Station logs


  1. Open Finder

  2. In application menu: Go > Go To Folder..

  3. Type ~/Library/Logs/Station"  

  4. Send us the file "log.log"

Explanatory video:

  1. Navigate to the %USERPROFILE% folder > AppData > Roaming > Station

  2. Send us the "log" file. 


Send us the file ~/.config/Station/log.log

- - - -

V. Station database


  1. Execute the following command in your "Terminal":
    zip -r ~/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/Station/db

  2. A zip file will be created in your "Home" folder - it is called ""

Explanatory video:

  1. In window search bar, type %appdata% & open the folder

  2. Open the Station folder

  3. Zip the db folder (right click, "Send To" > "Compressed (Zip) folder")


  1. Open a terminal

  2. Enter the following command:
    zip -r ~/ ~/.config/Station/db

A zip file will be created in your "Home" folder - it is called ""

- - - -

Once you're done retrieving those 4, just:

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